See the behind-the-scenes story of the struggle, strategy and ever-growing success  

Event Trailer: Known for its quiet demeanor and strategic results, The Wilberforce Project went from a group that almost collapsed in 2010 to a focused team with a clear plan to pass the first pro-life law in Canada.   

This success has caught the attention of Calgary Herald journalist, Don Braid quotes

wherever the pro-life activists show up, they win. When they don’t show up, it’s usually because they’ve already got it won.”  And

 "If a group like Wilberforce sells bundles of UCP memberships and succeeds in winning nominations, it will have real influence. Kenney would face internal pressure to alter the abortion system". 

Even Rachel Notley has expressed her concern for "the number of pro-life candidates that they are getting nominated".

Join the Alberta Benefit for Life May 15th, 2021 and enjoy the story of a small group of millennials who have a clear strategy, and growing success.  Hear some of the past victories that we intentionally didn't proclaim, get to know the people behind the scenes and learn how we can take concrete steps towards creating the first pro-life law in Canada.



 The Wilberforce Project