Calgary Benefit 2018

Creating Canada's First Abortion Law

Thank you to all our volunteers, staff, and attendees who were part of making the Calgary Benefit for Life 2018 a success! 

The purpose of the banquet was two-fold: to expand the pro-life movement and to raise the funds needed to save the pre-born.

To expand the movement we invite pro-lifers we already know to the banquet, and ask them to bring friends and family who may not be involved in the movement or who may not even know where they stand on abortion. This creates an opportunity for these new people to hear pro-life apologetics and testimonials of post-abortive women, giving them the space to wrestle with a hard topic and be inspired to join with us to protect the pre-born. 

The Wilberforce Project has hosted this banquet for 6 years in Edmonton, and this year we expanded south to Calgary where 220 people attended the Benefit for Life 2018. 155 of these people were new contacts, now excited and ready to engage our government to protect the pre-born! 

The second purpose of the banquet is to raise the funds needed for The Wilberforce Project to continue working toward creating Canada's First Abortion Law - a law or regulation on parental notification, to provide more support, more information, and more protection to a minor considering the life-altering decision of abortion.  

Our goal is to raise $35,000 by the end of the year to fund the next steps to this abortion law, and we saw an incredible start to this goal Saturday. The guests at the Benefit generously gave over $15,000 to continue pressing on toward Canada's First Abortion Law, and provided a $350 increase to our monthly gifts to sustain this work long-term.

Thank you to everyone who gave so sacrificially to help us reach this goal!

If you didn't have the opportunity to contribute on Saturday would you consider making a gift today to help protect these vulnerable girls and their pre-born children? 

A one-time gift will go toward the expenses of identifying pro-lifers in key ridings throughout Alberta, engaging them and encouraging them to influence the government to protect the pre-born. Monthly donations help to sustain this work long-term by generously covering the costs of staff hours necessary to make such in influence in Alberta. 

Thank you for partnering with us to put an end to abortion in Alberta, we hope to see you and your guests at next year's Benefit for Life!


Photos by Myrna Hunking