Edmonton Benefit 2018

Creating History


Thank you to Victor Panlilio who generously videoed the Edmonton 2018 Benefit for you to watch. See Scott Klusendorf's talk here.

Alberta's Benefit 2018 Attendance

We were so incredibly blessed to see the number of people that showed up for the evening to engage with the challenging topic of abortion in Canada, and to learn about what we can do to abolish this atrocity.

771 people registered for the 6th Annual Alberta's Benefit for Life - that's a growth rate of almost 200% from the 2017 Benefit for Life! Thank you to everyone who attended and made this year a success. 

The Numbers You Really Want to Know

We've had a number of calls at the office from some very eager people since the benefit ended, and I know the real number you want to know is the amount that everyone generously gave to support the future creation of Canada's First Abortion Law.

You who showed up to the banquet didn't just show up to sit on the sidelines, we have been moved by the amount that was given in support of the hundreds of pre-born children who's lives are lost everyday in our country. Approximately $55,000.00 was given by you on the evening of April 7th to go toward protecting these innocent lives. Though the pre-born do not have a voice, on their behalf we want to say Thank You. 

And on top of this generous amount, $1000.00 was raised in monthly support to assist with the operating costs of our ongoing initiatives. Thank you to those who support us and encourage us on this monthly basis, we want you to know that you hold a very special place in our hearts as this work would not be possible without you. 

Those Gold Cards (A.K.A. the UCP AGM)

We had an overwhelming amount of UCP AGM cards turned into us from the banquet of people pledging their commitment to attend the UCP AGM. As well, we have had so many people emailing and calling us since the banquet with lists of their friends and family members who are also on-board and ready to take May 5&6th off to drive down to Red Deer to stand up for the pre-born. What more can I say but THANK YOU! 

We now have a very good kind of problem: with your help we hit our target to support 200 pro-lifers to attend the AGM, but the response has been so incredible that we are over our goal and have another 100 people who want to stand up for the pre-born, but await financial assistance to do so.  This time, what is standing between us and the protection of these innocent children, is not the people, but it's dollars.

To add another 100 pro-life voices to the AGM, and really make an impact for the pre-born, the remaining pro-lifers are waiting financial assistance totalling $27,000. 

It will take $249.00 to sponsor one pro-lifer to attend the AGM, that means there will be one more person there to stick up their hand or drop a ballot in the box saying that the pre-born are human beings who should not be killed.

Are you able to give to help out a family who cannot afford the ticket, and to help protect the pre-born? Maybe you can't attend the AGM, but can you sponsor someone to go in your place? Click here to sponsor a pro-lifer and save a child.

Save the Date for Next Year (And for Calgary!)

Next year we look forward to your attendance, but more importantly we look forward to meeting the handful of friends and family you will bring to the Benefit who need to be engaged in the pro-life movement! Keep your calendar open for next spring as we plan the date for Edmonton's Benefit for Life 2019. 

Also, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Benefit for Life in Calgary! If you or anyone you know live in Calgary or surrounding area let them know to put Calgary's Benefit for Life in their calendars for October 13, 2018. Registration will open early August.